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it’s all about you…


What we do….

create engaging, contemporary wedding love stories that combine cinematic styling and techniques with beautifully crafted editing. Most importantly we film discreetly & stay in the background – your wedding day is all about you!

Our Approach….

We concentrate on documenting the real moments of your wedding day and are proud of being solely reliant on our ability to capture a true moment beautifully without resorting to interrupting it to get ‘the’ shot.
Our aim is capture your day naturally, elegantly and without your guests even realising you have had a filmmaker present.

about us….

Mick-Rach-&-DogsI’m Mick Threlfall & together with my partner Rachel we’ve been creating our unique wedding films for the past eight years. We get to craft a little piece of history every week and who wouldn’t love to do that?

We take a discreet and artistic approach to each wedding commission, filming all the events & details of the day as creatively as possible. We generally shoot solo for the minimum of impact on your wedding day but for larger weddings or additional coverage there is of course the option of us shooting together.

Typically we spend up to week crafting your wedding film, concentrating all our efforts into creating a truly emotional journey through the wedding day combined with stunning cinematography and exceptional sound recording.

Our investment in the latest technology means our cameras are probably smaller than your photographers yet are 4K ultra HD broadcast quality so your guests usually dont even realise there are filmakers present which means we capture the real wedding day and you can forget the wedding is even being filmed 🙂